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Dangers Of Mold In Houses

With East Texas’s hot and humid summers and cool winters, daily activities such as taking hot showers or cooking can create excess moisture inside your home, ultimately promoting the growth of mold. When this happens, your walls, ceilings, clothes, and prized possessions may become contaminated until they can no longer be saved. 

However, more importantly, mold and microbial growth inside your home can also become a health hazard. It can cause problems ranging from minor discomforts like itchy eyes and sneezing to severe allergic reactions, making professional mold remediation necessary. 

Before we take a closer look into the dangers of indoor mold and how professional mold remediation in Bryan and College Station can help, it pays to understand how mold gets into your home in the first place. 

How Mold Gets into the Home 

Molds are part of the natural environment and are essential in breaking down organic material. They are found everywhere outdoors and can enter the home through open windows and doorways or be carried by your clothing, shoes, and pets. 

With this said, mold will only grow and spread if the spores land in an area with moisture and a food source. These typically include: 

  • Areas where leaks and other water damage events recently occurred 
  • Areas around windows where condensation builds up 
  • Rooms with little ventilation, like the basement, or spaces where air does not circulate, like behind a closet. 

The Dangers of Mold Inside the Home 

Mold colonies can make your home look less appealing with their furry growth or stains. However, there are more reasons to get mold remediation services than to restore the visual appeal of your living space. 

Microbial growth, left unchecked, can pose various health problems, especially for people with weak immune systems, allergies, or other existing respiratory conditions. 

Breathing Problems 

Microbial growth can release spores into the air, which can contain significant amounts of mycotoxins. This byproduct can be toxic, especially to those sensitive to them. Additionally, these toxins can irritate the upper respiratory tract of individuals with existing lung conditions. 


A person allergic or sensitive to any mold-related particles may experience symptoms like the following after exposure: 

  • A blocked or runny nose 
  • An itchy nose and throat 
  • Sneezing 
  • Watery eyes. 

It’s also worth noting that people with both a mold allergy and asthma may experience an asthma attack when exposed to indoor mold. 

Other Conditions 

Some evidence from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows living in a contaminated environment can produce the following symptoms: 

  • Wheezing 
  • Headache 
  • Nausea 
  • Fever 
  • Insomnia 
  • Mucous membrane irritation 

The severity of these mold exposure symptoms depends on the person’s immune system and the amount of mold present. 

How Professional Mold Remediation in Texas Helps 

Anyone living with microbial contamination in their homes is at risk of the health issues it can present, making prompt removal critical. However, cleaning mold yourself is not the best practice, especially if you aren’t sure about the true extent of the contamination. 

Here’s how experts in mold remediation in Bryan and College Station can help resolve your contamination. 

They Conduct Proper Mold Assessment

Taking the DIY route will likely result in a recurrence of microbial growth a few weeks or months later. This is because while you may be able to “clean” the mold from your surfaces, the underlying cause remains. 

On the contrary, getting professional help means having experts conduct a proper and thorough assessment of your mold problem. They have the expertise and modern tools to understand your home’s condition and identify the most suitable solutions. 

They Perform Comprehensive Mold Remediation

Professionals recognize that mold and moisture go hand-in-hand. Besides implementing proven containment methods and engineering controls to remove mold, they also address the moisture problem that triggered the microbial growth. 

At Restoration 1 of Bryan and College Station, for example, we’re equipped with moisture sensors, thermal imaging devices, and modern drying systems. These devices enable us to accurately picture a building’s moisture problem and dry any lingering moisture before they foster microbial contamination. 

They Help Prevent Further Problems 

Certified mold removal professionals are trained in implementing containment techniques and safety measures while doing their job. With these, they minimize the chances of disturbing mold spores and spreading the contamination further in your home. 

Ultimately, this means the mold problem gets resolved quickly, allowing you to return to your routine as soon as possible. 

Detecting Mold and Calling for Help 

Stains and furry specks are often visible on surfaces when mold is present. However, if there are no visible signs of mold, the contamination may be happening behind your walls or ceilings. Musty odors that never go away, water stains on the ceiling, and peeling wallpaper are just some indications that you have mold growing in hard-to-reach areas.   

If you notice any of these signs and believe you have indoor mold, call your local experts for mold remediation in Texas as soon as possible. Tackling these cases of contamination on your own may not only disturb mold and set spores into the air but also further endanger everyone inside the building. 

There’s No Time To Waste When Addressing Mold 

The longer you wait to address mold in your home, the longer you and your loved ones may be exposed to its health risks. Additionally, remember that mold can break down any organic matter it settles on. Failing to take prompt action to remove them can compromise your building’s structural integrity and create unsafe living conditions. 

Hiring mold remediation services as soon as possible improves your chances of redeeming your home from microbial contamination and making it safe, healthy, and comfortable again. 

Discovering mold in your home is always stressful, but there’s a way to keep it from taking over your property. Take action today by enlisting the help of our local Restoration 1 team. 

We take mold remediation in Bryan and College Station seriously. Besides using proven techniques to control the contamination and eliminate mold, we make it a point to ensure the safety of you, your family, and all our technicians on the job.   

Let us help you protect your loved ones and get your house back to normal. Fill out our contact form or call 979-271-3504 to schedule your mold remediation in Texas today.