Significant Storm Damage To Your Commercial Property Can Shut Down Business Without The Appropriate Help

by chanwangrong at Shutterstock

As a business owner, you’ll face many unique and back-breaking challenges over the years, not limited to storm damage. Whether you’re face-to-face with extensive water damage or wind damage, the storm recovery process for commercial properties can help you put the pieces back together. Despite hiring a local restoration company who knows their stuff, you’re likely still concerned. You’re concerned about re-opening your business and cutting your losses.

The longer your business is shut down because of storm damage, the worse the long-term effects are. You’ll ultimately lose customers and business. We cannot let that happen. The commercial restoration process is a sure thing when time is of the essence.

Commercial Property Restoration After Storm Damage

Whether you’re faced with flood damage or the aftermath of a particularly terrible thunderstorm, the fact is, you need help. You need a certified, local restoration company able to address your property damage concerns quickly — within an hour whenever possible.

Confirming the Damage

The first step, and arguably one of the most important, is to fully assess the damage to your business. Without a firm understanding of the problem, the technicians will be unable to fully address your concerns.

If it’s water damage, the problem is likely soaking into building materials, such as your wallpaper, drywall and flooring. To combat the problem, the team will use a moisture meter to track the water damage, as well as visual signs, and begin reversing the problem.

Drying the Area

Using wet vacuums, air movers and water pumps, any standing water left behind by the storm will be removed and the area will be thoroughly dried.

When drying a commercial property affected by flood or storm damage, it’s important to seal off the space. Any exposure to outside air can promote mold growth and make the job ten times harder.

Unfortunately, some office equipment and furniture may need to be tossed out.

Document the Damages

In order to get your business back up and running, you’ll need money to cover the damages and purchase new supplies or goods. For that, you need insurance. Of course, we all know that insurance companies are picky. They want concrete proof of the damages and will send an adjuster to explore the scene for themselves.

It’s your responsibility to document everything for the insurance company. Take photographs and videos of the damages as proof for your storm damage claim. If any materials must be tossed out, consider renting a garbage container and keeping everything on-site for the time being. The damaged items will serve as further proof for your claim.

To ensure your business is back up and running sooner, call your local Restoration 1 for 24-hour storm recovery and water damage restoration services. Please do not hesitate to call our offices!