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By Jochen Schoenfeld at Shutterstock

Generally speaking, a house fire falls into one of two categories: an isolated event or a full-blown house fire. With an isolated event, it’s usually the kitchen or the area near a fireplace that is affected; perhaps the heating system caused the blaze. But, with a full-blown house fire, the devastation is unimaginable. The entire property becomes uninhabitable, possessions are lost, and memories smolder. Thankfully, the fire damage restoration process is able to reverse the damage. It cannot give you back your memories of the place, but it will help you create new ones in the future.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

When you call a local restoration company after a house fire, you’ll be greeted by friendly, knowledgeable technicians who want nothing but the best for you. They want to help you restore your home. To accomplish such a lofty goal, the team will bring in advanced restoration equipment, which we’ll go over later, and begin the fire damage restoration process. This process is key. It is broken down into a few crucial steps – all leading to one point.


The first step in the process, assuming you have already called for emergency service, is the assessment. Upon arrival, the team will assess and inspect the entire premises. They need to know the true extent of the damage. In doing so, they can make a clear plan on how best to move forward.


Next, the team will begin mitigating damage. With a house fire, all systems are compromised. As such, the team will need to turn off the water to the house, shut off the electricity system, and ensure there are no gas leaks. Then, they will take steps to remove smoldering ashes from the affected areas.


Next comes the cleanup portion of the process. The team, using advanced equipment and techniques, will clean smoke, dust, and soot from all surfaces in the area. This step is also when the team will begin the water damage restoration process. The fire department has likely dumped gallons upon gallons of water into the house.


Lastly, the team will repair, replace, and restore any damaged components around the house. They will work quickly and efficiently to restore furniture, cabinets, carpet, and wallpaper, and will even paint where necessary.

Commonly Used Fire Restoration Equipment

To ensure the job is done right, the restoration team must use the proper equipment. This equipment includes:

  • HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Vacuums – A strong vacuum with filters to trap particles such as soot on surfaces.
  • Air Scrubber – This device helps eliminate smoke odors and clean the air within your home.
  • Negative Air Fan – A negative air fan helps remove contamination from the air, creating negative pressure to do so.

If you have suffered through a recent house fire, please do not hesitate to call your local Restoration 1. We proudly offer 24-hour fire damage restoration services to the community.