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By Ozhur Coskun at Shutterstock

Any amount of water damage to your home is one of the worst possible scenarios to handle. It’s a total mess and often accrues hidden damage. Whether it’s a minor leak from an appliance or because of a flash flood in the neighborhood, it’s a problem that must be dealt with immediately. In your home, the sump pump is your first line of defense against many forms of water damage – especially flooding. Unfortunately, if your sump pump fails or cannot function efficiently, you’ll end up with more problems on your hands. That is why scheduling regular sump pump cleanup is a sound investment in your home and health.

Sump Pump Maintenance Checklist

Here is the essential sump pump maintenance checklist to keep your system running smoothly:

  • Primary Pump – First, make sure the primary pump is connected to the power and turned on. If the pump is plugged into an outlet, instead of hard-wired, ensure the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is not tripped.
  • Test the Pump – To ensure functionality, pour a bucket of water directly into the sump pit to test the pump. The pump should activate immediately and remove the water within seconds. The pump uses a float to detect water, which may occasionally become stuck from dirt or sediment.
  • Clean the Pump – In order to properly clean the pump, you need to disconnect its power source and discharge line. Then, remove the pump from the pit and clean all possible parts, removing dirt, sediment, stones, or debris buildup. Try your best to remove the bottom grate and clean it separately.
  • Discharge Line – Cleaning the discharge line is extremely important. Sometimes, small rocks and dirt accumulate in the line and inhibit water flow. The result is a flooded sump pit and then a flooded home.

Sump Pump Tips

Now that you better understand the ideal sump pump maintenance checklist, here are a few expert tips:

  • Low Battery – If your sump pump has a backup battery system, do not ignore a low battery warning. This system is an extra layer of protection for when the main power fails.
  • Smart Sump Pumps – There are now smart sump pumps on the market, controlled by an app on your phone, that are extremely convenient. You’ll receive an alert on your phone when the unit breaks down and water begins to overflow.
  • Repair or Replace – Your sump pump is not designed to last forever, so be sure to schedule a regular inspection and repairs to better determine when sump pump replacement is necessary.

Keep your sump pump running smoothly with professional sump pump cleaning and maintenance services from your local Restoration 1!