For most of us, January is a month of new year resolutions. We hit the gym, we stop making trips to the donut shop, and we vow to spend less time aimlessly scrolling through Instagram. While we are all for these types of resolutions, what about making a few resolutions for the health of your home this year too?

Though natural weather situations like hurricanes, storms, and heavy rains are common causes of flooding, there are many other unexpected causes. Faulty sewage backups, frozen or burst pipes, and leaking appliances can also cause surprise water damage.

Luckily, with a few simple resolutions, you can help protect your beloved home from water damage. Because water damage is something none of us want to see in 2021, we have put together a few home resolutions to help prevent it from occurring in the first place.

6 New Year’s Resolutions To Help Prevent Water Damage

Resolution 1: Install Sump Pumps

Installing sump pumps is a reliable method to shield your property from rising waters resulting from heavy rains and storms. The pump leads the excess waters to a designated pond, creek, or a nearby drain.

Place your pump in a strategic location – at least 20 feet away from the foundation – to prevent the evacuated water from returning to your home.

To get the desired results, employ a professional to install the sump pump for you. No one knows how to install these pumps better than a licensed property restoration company such as Restoration 1.

Resolution 2: Set Up Backflow Valves

During heavy water flow, drains and sewers can backup, forcing sewage into the sinks and equipment such as dishwashers, bathtubs, and washing machines. The water then overflows, worsening the damage. Installing plugs and valves is a surefire way to prevent backflow in case of flooding.

In case of a sewage backup, seek the appropriate property restoration help. Cleanup is a delicate procedure, and only a licensed professional can handle this with the correct expertise. After sewage backup, Restoration 1 will ensure that the mess is cleaned up, the odor is eliminated, and proper sanitization takes place to kill any disease-causing bacteria.

Resolution 3: Clean the Gutters

As heavy rains fall during the winter, clean and functional gutters ensure a steady flow of rain water away from your property. Gutters also keep your home’s windows, doors, and foundations safe from water damage.

However, gutters are prone to leaves and debris buildup that hinder their functionality. If the gutters become blocked, excess rain overflows into your home’s interior through the walls and ceilings. You can avoid such mishaps through regular gutter checks, cleaning, and maintenance, so be sure to add this to your list or resolutions.

Resolution 4: Installation of Septic Flood Alarms

Alarms detect rising water levels and alert you before flood water causes severe damage. Remember not to flush your flooded toilets. Instead, hire a professional who has the required certification to inspect and restore damaged structures.

As a precaution, avoid using your septic system during heavy rains or high waters. A flooded drain field may force the water from the septic back to the house.

Resolution 5: Check for Leaks

Water leaks can often go undetected and can cause extensive and costly damage. This year, take some time to inspect the areas around your shower, bathtub, sinks, and toilets for leaks. You should also check for dripping or leaking faucets, as well as leaks from your dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, and HVAC system too. If needed, you can re-caulk, tighten, or replace pipes to repair the leaks.

If you spot a pool of water from a leaking toilet, sink, or appliance, it’s best to call the professionals immediately. At Restoration 1, we will be able to stop water damage in its tracks and prevent any further water damage from occurring and doing more harm. Our Restoration 1 professionals can also do a full sweep to check your home for any other possible leaks.

Resolution 6: Give Your Roof A Once Over

Like any part of your house, your roof is subject to a fair amount of wear and tear. More often than not, a roof leak can lead to larger issues, including a mold infestation elsewhere in your home. Be sure to check for any loose or missing shingles and replace these as soon as you can. Replacing damaged shingles and roof tiles soonest will help prevent further damage should you encounter a storm or heavy rain.

Whether it’s from a leaking pipe or a huge rainstorm, water can devastate your property in a matter of minutes. By following these simple home resolutions in 2021, you may be able to lessen the damage or prevent it altogether.

Here’s to a happy and safe 2021!

Get Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

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