Pandemic Shopping Guide

Shopping for groceries used to be a dull task, but now it has become quite a stressful outing. Yes, we’re talking about grocery shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is so much stress around this regular errand – should you wear gloves, a mask, take your own sanitizer, keep a 6-foot distance…What are the best practices?

Let’s break things down for you, by providing the facts as they are currently understood, to make this time a little less stressful.

Important Facts To Know

  • The Coronavirus is not transmitted through food.
  •  The Coronavirus is spread from person-to-person through virus particles when someone coughs or sneezes.
  •  Contaminated objects and surfaces, from that sneeze or cough, may transmit the virus if you touch the object and then touch your mouth, nose, or eyes.
  •  Importantly, you are able to transmit the virus even when you don’t have symptoms yet.

It seems as though a lot of stores are doing their best to help shoppers stay safe during this time, by limiting the number of people allowed in the store at one time; disinfecting carts, counters and frequently-touched surfaces, and; adding marks on the floor to show appropriate distancing while queuing. 

What Should We Do When Out Shopping?

  • Before You Head Out

Do you really need to go shopping? Try to get by with what you have for as long as you can – aim for a week or two if doable. Better yet, if possible, have your grocery items delivered; or order and pay ahead so the groceries can be brought directly to your car. This reduces the number of people inside stores touching things and spreading the virus. 

If you need to go out, try your best to shop at only one store, during off-peak times, and alone –  don’t take the whole family. And, if you are showing symptoms of the virus or have been in contact with someone who has the virus, you should definitely not go out. Fact. Rather, phone a friend to help – they can shop and drop for you.

  • While at The Store

The best thing to do is keep sanitizing as much as possible – not just your hands but your cards, basket handles, and the card readers too. So, bring your own sanitizer from home and use it as you enter the store, while you’re choosing your fresh produce, and after leaving the store.

It’s important that we all have cloth masks to wear, for every outing in public places. These will help prevent the spread of the virus from people who are infected but aren’t showing symptoms yet. Gloves aren’t necessary as they become contaminated just as your hands do. This is a relief because they aren’t easy to do things with anyway – rather keep sanitizing and washing.

Always keep a 6-feet distance from other people and make sure you don’t touch your face at any stage, with unwashed hands.

  • When Back at Home

Once you’re home, place your groceries on a wipeable surface, and then wash your hands. 

Spray your non-perishable goods with sanitizer or disinfectant before packing them away, throw single-use bags away, and then disinfect the surface your groceries were placed on. Then wash any reusable bags that were used. And, wash your hands again.

Get to rinsing all your fresh produce but not with soap, as this could make you sick. Just rather do a good rinse.

Let’s keep safe together by keeping up-to-date with the facts and how best to do our part during this pandemic.

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*Cleaning and decontamination services effectively address immediate conditions, and no chemical or process eliminates 100% of all organisms.