Strange Odors In Your Home Can Lead To Illness And Discomfort Without Professional Odor Removal Services.

by New Africa at Shutterstock

Your home is prone to a number of odors. You might notice the smell of old cooking lingering in the kitchen or a little dampness from the bathroom rug after showering. For the most part, these odors are harmless. A quick clean will eliminate any smells. But then there are those odors that are downright foul. They permeate the air, soak into the couch cushions, and linger in the air ducts. These odors, such as mold or smoke, can even lead to respiratory illnesses and chronic coughing.

The only solution for a foul odor in your home is professional odor removal. Using the latest and greatest devices and techniques, local restoration technicians can eliminate foul smells for good.

Signs You Need Professional Odor Removal

There are a number of situations that may lead to foul odors wafting through your home, including recent property damage, such as a mold infestation or kitchen fire. After a fire, smoke odors linger for weeks, which can be harmful to your respiratory health.

Then there’s mold. Mold is especially problematic. The odors mean the infestation has grown quite sizable and is spreading elsewhere in the home. The spores will linger in the air and accumulate in the ducts before long.

  • Mold – As we said, mold is a problem you don’t want to find in your home. If there’s mold, then there will be mildew odors soon. You might even notice the odors first, as it’s a sure sign of a mold infestation in most properties.
  • Complaints – Unless you live alone, other people in the home will start to smell the same foul odors as you. If you start to receive complaints about terrible smells or breathing difficulties, do not ignore these issues. If the smell is bad enough to cause complaints, then something must be done.
  • Smoke – Smoke odors can stem from recent fire damage or from regular tobacco usage inside of the home. Either way, the smell of smoke can be a trigger for many people with respiratory concerns like asthma.

There is good news, however. It is entirely possible to eliminate foul odors from your home, clothing, and furniture with professional odor removal. Your local Restoration 1 offers 24-hour odor removal services using the most advanced restoration equipment in the field today.

Our certified restoration technicians will work hard to improve indoor air quality, clean old carpet, and restore your HVAC system to ensure you are breathing clean, fresh air.