There Is A Fire Every 24 Seconds. Don’t Become Part Of The Statistic. Read These Fire Prevention Tips From Restoration 1 Experts.In the United States, there is a fire every 24 seconds. In 2015, according to the United States Fire Administration, there were over 3,000 deaths and over 15,700 injuries attributable to fires, mainly home fires.

At Restoration 1, we are appalled by these stats, but we can’t say we are surprised about them. We are used to working on restoring properties after fire & smoke damage around the country, and we understand how fast fires can spread and how terrifying the results can be. This is why it is very important for us to share fire prevention tips with our audience and clients. Your safety will always be our top priority.

Fire Prevention Tips

There are a few things you could do around your home or business to help reduce the mind-blowing statistics we shared above.

  • Make sure you have smoke alarms in every room and living area of your home. Don’t forget the kitchen!
  • Your smoke alarms should be inspected periodically, to make sure they’re working properly and that the batteries are in tip-top shape.
  • Have a fire escape plan for the family. Practice different scenarios and make sure every family member knows what to do and where to go should they become trapped in any area of your home.
  • Have fire extinguishers at hand, particularly near the kitchen, as cooking accounts for 47 percent of home fires. Teach every family member how to use it in case of an emergency.
  • Keep flammable materials in safe areas, and always away from children’s reach. Space heaters should be at least three feet away from anything that can burn.
  • Turn off all decorative lights at night and before you leave the house. This is particularly important around the holidays, when we see a lot of twinkle lights.
  • Never plug too many appliance cords into the same electrical socket.
  • Teach the kids how to dial 911. It is essential that they know who to call in case of an emergency.
  • Don’t leave candles unattended.
  • Install safety gates or other child-proofing devices around fireplaces, ovens and furnaces.

Tips From the Experts

If your home or business is ever in a fire, remember that our experts at Restoration 1 are ready and able to lend a helping hand in your time of need. Contact your local Restoration 1 today 24/7 for emergency services.