With Hurricane Season Still Looming Over Us, Prepare Your Home And Family For Storm Damage Ahead Of Time

By shepele4ek2304 at Shutterstock

According to recent news reports, we’re in for an overactive hurricane season this year. For most homeowners, that means finding the right storm recovery services to deal with the numerous named hurricanes and tropical storms coming up from the Atlantic. Many cities along the East Coast have already come face-to-face with Hurricane Dorian. Now, Tropical Storm Karen is looming towards the same coastline. It’s too much to handle in such a short time.

You have a chance to prepare now, though. There’s still time before the next big storm reaches our cities, and homeowners can take precautions to reduce storm damage.

Storm Recovery: Preparing for Hurricane Season

It’s important that you don’t wait until a hurricane watch has been issued by local authorities. By then, it may be too late to take certain precautions. If you want to reduce storm damage and make it through a hurricane, start preparing now.

  1. Plan Your Evacuation — We truly hope it does not come to this but knowing your evacuation route and the local shelters within driving distance can save lives. Start learning the route now and ensure your family understands the plan, too.
  2. Emergency Supplies — It’s important to keep enough supplies on-hand to get you through the coming weather. Your storm preparedness kit should include at least three days of food and water for each person, matches, batteries, prescription medication, first aid and more.
  3. Inventory Your Property — If your home does succumb to storm damage or flooding, having a full inventory of your property and possessions will help your insurance claim. You should keep track of valuables, electronics, important documents, etc.
  4. Review Your Insurance — Chances are high that you’ve never looked at your homeowners’ insurance past signing the paperwork to buy your home. Take some time now to review your policy and see exactly what is covered and what isn’t.
  5. Protect Your Home — Take time to prepare your home for the coming weather.
    • Replace gravel or rock landscaping with shredded bark.
    • Cut back weak branches and trees over your roof.
    • Install storm shutters to better protect windows.
    • Ensure exterior doors are hurricane proof.
    • Sliding glass doors should be made of tempered glass.
    • Seal exterior wall openings, such as electrical outlets and hose bibs.

The Dangers of Storm Surges

The biggest concern during a hurricane is generally not the wind or the rain, bad as they are. It’s the storm surges of which you need to be careful. A single storm surge can generate 20 feet of water in a short time. All of that water has enough force to level properties along the shore and cause widespread inland flooding.

Furthermore, storm surges are the leading cause of hurricane-related deaths in the United States. Keep an eye on weather updates and local warnings.

With this hurricane season still looming overhead, please keep yourself and your family safe. For 24-hour storm recovery services, call your local Restoration 1 for help.