Water Leak

A leaky faucet that keeps you awake at night can be an inconvenience and a red flag for massive water damage. Leaks are visible, so it’s likely that you’ll become aware of the problem and can solve it immediately. Unfortunately, it can also be a sign of an even bigger and more expensive problem to repair. 

A water leak in Avondale becomes a significant issue when it goes undetected for a long time. It can lead to extensive water damage to your walls and floors and, later, mold infestation. Whether you’re a homeowner or renting, it’s important to be observant and watch for signs of leaks anywhere in your house or apartment. 


Signs of Water Leak in Avondale Homes and Buildings

  • Sounds of Water Dripping At Night

It’s not that damaged pipes only leak at night, but drips are more audible when the world is silent. Unfortunately, many people ignore dripping faucets because generally just tightening handles solves the problem. While this is true, pay attention to the sound: you might notice that the drips are getting louder or faster over time. This may be a sign you may need to do something more than applying epoxy putty or pipe clamps. 

  • Unusually High Water Bill

Any Avondale water leak expert will advise that if your water consumption stays the same, but your water bill says otherwise, it’s very likely there’s a leak somewhere in your plumbing system. The sooner you address this problem, the less the cost of repair. Besides calling an Avondale water leak expert, watch out for the rest of the signs in this list, too.

  • Damp Walls or Floors Next To Faucets or Plumbing Lines

It’s easy to overlook dampness because not many people think about looking for moisture on a wall or floor. But that is all the more reason to be observant about the hidden corners of your home. Watch out for moisture where there’s no reason for it to be (e.g., no steam or heat-producing appliance nearby). The concealed pipes along that wall or floor might leak and saturate the surrounding materials.

  • Mold Around Appliances Connected To The Water Line

Mold is a convenient red flag for leaks because they are visible and easily recognizable. However, their appearance could mean your house already has some water damage and may even need attention from experts for home restoration in Avondale

Mold grows in damp, dark places with high humidity. Additionally, microbial growth begins within 72 hours of mold spores coming into contact with water and if those conditions persist. If you find white, green, brown, or black fuzz in areas where moisture shouldn’t be, it could mean there is a leak that you need to seal. 

  • Discoloration on Walls or Ceilings

Moisture and mildew are the most common causes of discoloration on painted surfaces in a house. Moreover, a painted wooden wall will show earlier signs of discoloration because the material deteriorates faster than concrete or composites that make up drywall. Although construction materials inevitably deteriorate, the rate accelerates with continuous exposure to water – which happens when you have a water leak in your home. 

  • Drywall, Plywood, or Wood Frames Feel Soft

Water damage from a leaky roof or plumbing is sometimes insidious. It can go unnoticed until the last minute when the damage to the section of wall, floor, or ceiling that’s constantly drenched with water becomes too substantial to ignore. One tell-tale sign is when surfaces near concealed pipes and gutter lines are soft or crumbly when they should be sturdy and solid. This means deterioration is well underway, and you might have to consult an expert in home restoration in Avondale. 

  • Damp Smell in Your House

Vigilence is key to detecting water leaks in your home. This means being observant with all of your senses and being alert to what visitors say when they come to your house. For example, you may not notice right away when something smells off in your home if it’s been around for a long time. Your neighbors or friends, however, may recognize foul odors immediately. So if they say they smell something damp and earthy in your home, don’t take offense. Instead, be alert for other signs in this list and the possibility of needing professional property restoration in Avondale.  


Repair Water Damage Through Home Restoration Experts in Avondale

Avoid underestimating the damage that roof and plumbing leaks can cause. Mold and accelerated deterioration can start in mere days and cause damage that can often take weeks or months to repair. Being attuned to these tell-tale signs allows you to make timely repairs and prevent plumbing defects from worsening. 

However, if you discover a water leak a bit too late, Restoration 1 can help. Our experts in residential restoration in Avondale are just a phone call away. In addition to providing cleanup services, repairing structural damage, and restoring your home’s appearance and integrity, we also advise clients on how to protect their homes from water damage moving forward. 

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