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How To Handle Fire Damage Restoration
It’s never easy to start rebuilding your beautiful Austin home after a fire, let alone come to terms with the fact that you lost your prized possessions. Sifting through your belongings and important items that have now turned to ash can be painful, especially if they are used to hold special memories.

With that said, you don’t need to face this overwhelming situation on your own. By taking the best approach and calling the number one Austin fire damage restoration company, Restoration 1, you can get back up and start a fresh chapter in your life in no time.

If you’re ready to take a deep breath and roll your sleeves up to do some work, this blog is for you. Below we list some fundamental steps you can take to kickstart the fire damage restoration of your Austin home— and restore your house to its pre-damaged state in the easiest way possible.

  1. Ensure the Health and Safety of Your Loved Ones

    Ensuring the health and safety of those with you should come first before anything else. Fire accidents can quickly leave extensive damage to any property, but it pays to remember that they can also take an emotional and physical toll on anyone involved. With this, check in with your family or friends to ensure they’re fine. Younger children may need extra care and attention, especially after witnessing such a distressing event.

    Moreover, you may also need to move your loved ones away from the damaged home and somewhere safe. While the fire has been suppressed, the smoke and soot left behind can be hazardous to your health.

  2. File Your Insurance Claim Right Away

    One of the most crucial tasks in efficiently handling Austin fire damage is contacting your homeowner’s insurance provider. Homeowners are required to report their losses as soon as possible, so you will have to call your agent promptly so you can jumpstart a smooth claim process.On top of that, it’s best to be organized with all the documents and correspondences relevant to your request, both for minor and major claims. For example, you will have to take photographic evidence of all the damages to your property and keep a record of all emails and letters between you and your insurer. All invoices, bills, and contracts for your home’s repairs must also be compiled. Having all the right documentation can help increase your chances of getting fair compensation.

  3. Mitigate Damage by Securing Your Property

    Once you’ve contacted your insurance agent, they will send a claims adjuster to visit your property and assess the losses you’ve listed down. With that said, it’s worth noting that the company expects you to take reasonable care of your property, even if you’re not residing there at the moment. Any further damage to your property will naturally affect your insurance claim.

    Fortunately, mitigating damage isn’t rocket science. Practical ways to do this include boarding up windows, covering the roof with some tarp to keep elements out, and building walls to prevent intruders.

  4. Work With a Professional Austin Fire Damage Restoration Team

    The tips above are just the beginning to fire damage restoration in Austin, and you may have other tasks to tackle such as remaining water puddles to remove, items to salvage, surfaces to clean, and structures to repair. But with all that said, know that you don’t have to do it alone. Rather than do DIY fire and smoke cleanup, enlisting a professional fire damage restoration service in Austin is your safest and most convenient course of action in these trying times.

    Certified restoration specialists have the best tools and techniques to thoroughly clean and decontaminate your place. They can also help you recover items that may seem too far gone. But most importantly, they follow an efficient approach to Austin fire damage restoration to ensure your home becomes a secure, healthy, and welcoming environment once again.

The process of rebuilding your home can be physically and emotionally stressful, but your local Restoration 1 crew is here to lighten your burden. In just one phone call, you can count on our IICRC-certified technicians to deliver the swiftest and most caring fire damage restoration service in Austin. Contact us to get help now.