If your home or business was on fire unexpectedly, you may be confused on what your next
steps should be to fix the situation. The fire department has put out the flames, but your
property remains damaged and full of debris. Your first step to resolve this fire loss is to call your
local restoration team, like Restoration 1.

Fire And Smoke Damage

Restoration professionals perform certain steps and
practices to remediate your property and mitigate fire and smoke damage. Here is what
happens after a fire when you hire a restoration company like Restoration 1:

Initial Inspection of Damages

As soon as the restoration team arrives on your property, they begin an inspection. The
inspection helps restoration technicians figure out where the fire started, the extent of damages,
any hidden damages and exactly what parts of the property were affected. There are many
different types of equipment used to inspect a home or business after fire damage like moisture
meters and thermal image cameras.

At Restoration 1, we use advanced equipment to investigate the entire property. The inspection
is crucial when performing fire damage restoration services. A thorough inspection saves you
from finding further damage down the road!

Debris Cleanup and Removing Personal Belongings

The cleanup and removal of unsafe or dangerous items is the first part of the actual restoration
process. Items that are too damaged to be restored are safely disposed of while personal
belongings that are salvageable are cleaned and stored somewhere safe.

Our team at Restoration1 safely removes damaged belongings and takes them to the correct
location (according to local ordinances) to dispose of them. Any salvageable items are cleaned
thoroughly using the best sanitation products available. These items are also stored somewhere
safe and away from the property until repairs are completed.

Remediate Water Damage

As we all know, firefighters use large amounts of water to put out the flames on a property. For
this very reason, most of the time when you have fire damage, you also have water damage
within your property. As part of the fire restoration process, water remediation is also part of the
steps to getting your property back to normal. For water removal and cleanup, Restoration 1
also uses advanced technology to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Some of the
equipment we use for water damage remediation includes:

1. LGR Dehumidifiers: LGR stands for Low Grain Refrigerant, and these dehumidifiers
achieve faster drying and reduce the moisture content quickly in the affected areas. LGR
Dehumidifiers are also more energy efficient during the moisture extraction process.

2. Water Extraction Units: These pieces of equipment are like a vacuum that sucks up all
the water from carpet or upholstery. Depending on the extent of water damage, some
are portable units while others are mounted to a truck for large water losses.

3. Thermohygrometers: This measures temperature and relative humidity in the affected
areas. Thermohygrometers help track progress and how much more work needs to be
done to remove moisture in the area.

4. Air Movers: What look and act like large fans, air movers help with air circulation and
speeding up the dry time. The constant flow of air helps promote faster water
evaporation in the area.

Cleanup Soot/Smoke Damage

Because of the thorough inspection, restoration technicians know exactly where to get started
cleaning up soot damage in your home or property. Using specific cleaning agents, technicians
begin removing soot from the floors, walls and any affected areas. A professional smoke
vacuum may need to be used to get loose soot, depending on the extent of damages.

Removing smoke damage like stains is most commonly done using a dry-cleaning sponge or
something simple like a Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) solution and hot water. This process is
potentially dangerous because of all the chemicals, so our professionals at Restoration 1 always
wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while performing smoke damage cleanup.

The smoke odors that are left behind in your property also linger if not taken care of properly.
Restoration teams use a technique called deodorization to purify, oxidize and restore the smell
and air quality within your property. This process is safe and ensures your property is completely

Restoring Your Property After a Fire

Fire cleanup may look slightly different depending on the type of fire and the extent of damages,
but the restoration process remains the same across the board: starting with an initial
inspection, followed by removing debris and personal belongings, then remediating water
damage if applicable and finishing off with cleaning up soot and smoke damage. The process to
return your property back to normal is intricate but easily done with the help of a professional
restoration team. If you need fire damage restoration and mitigation services in the Seattle area,
contact our team at Restoration 1 of South Sound today!